Using three animals, create a food chain... start with the smallest.  Separate your animals by using a comma.
For a reply to this post, you will select a friend to write to and add one animal that would fit their chain (either at the beginning, middle, or end).  Be sure, in your reply, to rewrite their food chain with your addition.

For example, if Sam posted:
flower, catepilliar, bird

Someone could reply:
Sam, I think you can add a snake to the end of your food chain.
flower, catepilliar, bird, snake

***Be sure to address your friend by name so that I know that you are writing a reply and to whom you are responding to.
Think about some ways that our environment is being destroyed. Pollution, garbage, over-population, food scarcity...  What do you think is the biggest threat to our earth?  What will be the results of these dangers?  Who, or what, will be effected?  When will be begin to see the effects?  What will happen?
What can we do to stop this - or is it too late?  If you could get a large amount of money from the government to create a campaign for change, what would you promote?  How would you suggest we help?  What would your program look like: who would help, what would you need, what businesses would be involved, how would you get your message to people?
If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?  Where would you live?  What would your environment look like?  What would you eat?  Where would you sleep?  What would you do all day and night?  Who would be your friends?  How would you get around from place to place?  How long would you live?
Choose any endagnered animal to write about.  Some ideas to help you:

- tell us what animal you're writing about
- tell us why you selected this animal
- where is this animal's habitat
- what makes this animal endangered
- who is this animal's biggest threat
- how many are left of their kind

    I recommend setting up a ClassBlogs account and use these prompts.  This way, your student's writing is secure.



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    April 2010